Why You Deserve to Have a Fertility Specialist Doing Your Ultrasound


Imagine this. You have a question for your fertility specialist. She or he is the only doctor who knows you, who really understands your case, who you trust. But she or he isn’t there.

Instead, there’s a nurse or nurse practitioner or someone other than a doctor who’s doing your ultrasound, who’s taking care of you during your exam that day. So you ask them. You either don’t like their answer or you just not sure about it. You ask them where is your doctor.

They tell you your doctor’s not available. You ask them why not!

But you know the reason. They’re too busy for you. They’re too busy trying to make a bit more money to answer your question. This is why you deserve to have a fertility specialist doing your ultrasound

Yes, that’s sad. But, believe it or not, that’s not the worst thing about them not doing your ultrasound. The worst thing is that they don’t see it, they don’t see you. They don’t really know how you’re doing.

Does it really matter who does your ultrasound? There can be no doubt that it does! There are different ways of measuring follicles. Some reasonable, some not. 

We have patients who come from all over the U.S. and other places around the world. And some of them, because of time constraints, must have some of their ultrasound monitoring done near their home before they come here. We examine their ultrasound reports as they come in and make decisions based on them. Then sometimes when they arrive, the ultrasound looks nothing like what we’ve been told. 

But that’s okay. Sometimes there’s really no choice. But when you’re at the Center that’s doing your cycle, there’s no excuse. Fertility specialists, see your patients! Take care of your patients! They’re spending many thousands of dollars for you to help them have a baby.

Do the right thing. Please.