Is Mini-IVF Right for Me?

Choosing Mini IVF may be a great option.

Choosing Mini IVF may be a great option.

Q1. 若我選擇mini-IVF 療程,相對於傳統的大促方案,卵子數目少,那是不是成功的機率也相對變少嗎?

mini-IVF 最大的目的是拿 “有用”且“好品質”的卵子,而不是拿最多但品質參差不齊的卵子。作為胚胎師將近20年時間,培養過超過一萬多個取卵週期,在大促的週期確實能拿到很多的卵子,許多病人因此覺得開心,但這數目並不代表最後成功的機率。要成功懷孕並不是有很多卵子就可以達成,而是要有好的品質卵子,哪怕是只有一顆。mini-IVF精髓就是專注在每個週期的優勢卵泡,因為我們相信人體在自然情況下,會選擇出最優質的卵子

Q1. If I choose to do a mini-IVF cycle, the number of eggs I will get is said to be lower than the number I would get from a traditional IVF cycle. Isn’t the chance of success relatively lower as a result?

A. The primary purpose of mini-IVF is to obtain "useful" and "good quality" eggs instead of just obtaining the greatest possible number of eggs regardless of quality. As an embryologist, I have performed more than 10,000 egg-retrieval cycles in nearly 20 years. I can get a lot of eggs when the stimulation cycle uses high doses of medication. Many patients feel happy when the hear the number of eggs that were retrieved, but this number does not actually represent their chance of success. To become successfully pregnant, what is important is to have at least one good quality egg, even if there is only one. The essence of mini-IVF is to focus on the dominant follicles in each cycle, because we believe that the human body will choose the best quality eggs under more natural conditions.

Q2. 聽大家說mini-IVF是針對年紀高齡,卵巢功能不佳的病人,我的所有指數都正常,基礎卵泡也都有五六顆,是不是不適合這方案?

A.   首先mini-IVF 是任何族群,任何年紀,任何卵巢功能都適用。一般人常誤解這是專屬於高齡或卵巢功能不佳的療程,其原因是對於高齡或卵巢功能不佳的族群,大促方案並不適合,因為再多的藥物常常只是揠苗助長,也只有mini-IVF能有機會拿到卵子。反而mini-IVF最有利的族群是年輕卵巢功能好,或許是男性方面的問題或輸卵管的因素。因為在這種情況,並不需要太多卵子,實驗室經由顯微注射,很容易就能做成好胚胎,利用體外培養,也克服輸卵管不通的問題。相較於大促方案,更輕鬆容易,而且在不影響身體健康下成功懷孕。

Q2. I have heard that mini-IVF is for reproductively older patients with poor ovarian function. All my hormonal indexes are normal, and I have five to six follicles. Am I a suitable candidate for a mini-IVF program?

A. The first thing to know is that mini-IVF is an option for any ethnic group, for any type of ovarian function, and for any age. One of the great misunderstandings of mini-IVF is that it is a treatment only for women who are reproductively older or for younger women with ovarian dysfunction. The idea is that for these two groups of patients, a regular IVF cycle is not suitable, because excessive stimulation medication often creates more eggs and when it does they are of lower quality. To the contrary, perhaps the most favorable group of mini-IVF patients are those that have well functioning young ovaries, and the cause of infertility is a male problem or blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. In these cases, large number of eggs are not needed. The laboratory can easily make a high-quality embryo using microinjection, and then use in vitro culture and direct embryo transfer into the uterus to overcome fallopian tube problems. Compared with high dose stimulation cycles, it is easier to obtain higher quality eggs and to successfully achieve a pregnancy without profoundly affecting the health of the body as is many times seen with regular IVF.

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