Molly on Mini IVF


The mystery of Mini-IVF! So many questions, so few clear answers. What is Mini-IVF? What are its advantages? What are its disadvantages? Is it for all women or just a select few? How successful is it, really? Can any fertility specialist, any IVF laboratory staff member do it? Or are there special, little known ways of doing each aspect of these cycles that have a profound effect on the success of Mini-IVF? And most importantly, is Mini-IVF right for you?

This blog is designed to answer all those questions and, over time, any other questions you might have. At Gen 5 Fertility, we believe that all patients should be fully informed, that each patient should have all the information needed to make the right decision for them.

When it comes to Mini-IVF, this is where the answers begin.

We are so pleased to have Molly Chu-Chen, one of the most experienced, Mini-IVF laboratory specialists in the world as part of our laboratory staff at Gen 5. She will serve as the expert moderator of this site. Dr. Samuel Wood, the Medical Director of Gen 5 will participate as well. Let’s begin learning all about Mini-IVF right now!