Ocean Scene a place of hope leading fertility specialist in the world

This is Gen 5 Fertility

There really is no other place quite like it.

It’s a place of peace. A place of hope. A place where the “impossible” becomes possible. It's a place where your dreams become our dreams. And together we work to make them happen.

It is a place directed by one of the leading fertility specialists in the world. It's a place offering a group of fertility procedures unavailable from any other center.

A place where every member of the staff is dedicated to you.

A place where the best equipment, the best protocols, the best staff come together to create something amazing.

Gen 5 Fertility is where so many babies have come from. And if we work together, it's quite likely where your baby will begin her or his precious life.

Because we believe that everyone should live a fertile life.

Lotus Blossom Leading ovarian regeneration using Platelet Rich Plasma and Enriched Platelet Factors

The Next Generation of Ovarian Rejuvenation

As world leaders in ovarian regeneration using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAF), we are pleased to announce the introduction of Generation 2 of this groundbreaking infertility technique.

Available only at Gen 5 Fertility, this technology represents the latest concept in how to enhance the effectiveness of PRP and EnPlaf. The results using this novel technique have been excellent and we look forward to publishing our data in a scientific journal no later that early 2020.

Although others in the U.S. claim to do “Ovarian PRP,” why haven’t they published their data so that it can be assessed by other scientists and the public? We now have several publications on this topic with more to come soon,

To find out more, visit our Ovarian Rejuvenation page.

Happy Asian Mother and Baby Gen 5 where every patient matters

The Beginning and the End

The day Gen 5 Fertility opened everything in the field of infertility changed. On that day, everything that had been done in the past was just that – in the past. Done. Tired.

On that day Generation 4 IVF became available in the United States. Generation 4 IVF not only gives couples with a poor prognosis a better chance to become pregnant, it dramatically increases the effectiveness and usefulness of IVF for those with a good prognosis.

The Gen 5 Fertility Center’s focus in solely on one goal: Making sure that every patient, no matter the reason for their infertility, has the greatest possible chance to succeed.

The new Generations of IVF are a whole new way of looking at infertility and IVF. It's a new way of looking at why patients choose to do IVF and what they want to achieve as a result of doing IVF. It provides new ideas about the causes of "infertility" and about how to treat them.

With Generation 4, and soon with Gen 5 IVF, everything changes.


The Gen 5 Fertility Difference

We started Gen 5 Fertility because we wanted to address the problems we had seen in fertility care over many years. All the things that make the fertility process more difficult than it should be. All the things that reduce a patient's chance of becoming pregnant. The goal of the clinical and laboratory team at the Gen 5 Fertility Center is simple: Treat each client the way they deserve to be treated, treat each client the way that we as experts in fertility would want to be treated.

Pink Baby Unique each patient deserves care designed specifically for them


Each patient is different. Each patient deserves care designed specifically for them. That is the only way you can do the best you can do. Our protocols are unique to each patient and change throughout the treatment cycle according to ever changing hormonal, ultrasound and other information. At no point are patients placed on a "standard protocol." At no point are patients told that their retrieval will be done on a given day. Each woman has her own way of responding. We listen. That's the way is should be.


Led by two of the leading fertility specialists in the world, Samuel Wood, M.D., Ph.D. and Benito Villanueva, M.D., the care patients receive involves the most advanced procedures and protocols available anywhere. Gen 5 Fertility's protocols are unique. Although the physicians at Gen 5 Fertility have trained many in their techniques over the years, they continue to evolve and so only patients at Gen 5 Fertility receive the finest in care. The ultrasound monitoring of all patients is performed only by a fertility specialist. Never by an "assistant." Never. The reason non-physicians are used by far too many fertility centers is to increase their profits. That’s sad. Our primary goal is the patient not money. Never will we allow anyone except a trained physician perform ultrasounds for our IVF patients. Never.

All eligible patients are given the chance to select Generation 4 (and soon, Generation 5) procedures, and all patients receive the cumulative benefit of the knowledge that arises from the experience of treating thousands of patients over a quarter of a century. Gen 5 Fertility also maintains an ever expanding range of research endeavors. Among these is research into the potential rejuvenating effects of a groundbreaking new procedure that involves the infusion of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the ovaries. Dr. Villanueva was responsible for the first successful IVF in San Diego years ago. He brings his long experience and wide knowledge to every patient he sees.

Advanced IVF In Vitro Fertilization

Mother and Daughter looking at the ocean


There is no doubt in our minds that our clinical and laboratory staff are the best anywhere. Each staff member was painstakingly selected based on their intelligence, knowledge and their ability to care for their patients. Not only are they now highly experienced and competent, they share our dream of providing low-stress care so that patients can fully understand everything and are able to reach their full fertility potential. They understand and are available to their patients whenever their patients need them. All staff understand fertility deeply and have been trained specifically by Dr. Wood and Dr. Villanueva to insure they are not negatively affected by any suboptimal treatment protocols they may have learned in the past. Working with one of these outstanding professionals will not only reduce your stress, it will do the most important thing: increase your chance of success.

What Our Space Looks Like

Gen 5 Fertility is thrilled to announce that we have moved into one of the most beautiful medical spaces any of us have ever seen. We believe that this space is one of the best conceived fertility centers in the world. It has components available at no other fertility center.

We are so pleased to be in such an attractive and well-designed clinical facility. It is, in a word, impeccable. It is a place of luxury adjacent to the ocean and to the Torrey Pines State Park. It offers not only direct patient care but also the highest level of laboratory care, including not only IVF, but also world-class hormone assay capabilities and andrology (sperm related) procedures.

The Gen 5 Space

The Gen 5 Space

A place by design

Every thought was given to creating a space for health, a place to build the life you would like. When you're here you know you're working on creating that even better life you've been seeking.

A View of the Main Waiting Room

A View of the Main Waiting Room

A place of comfort

The furniture is designed to make you feel that you're sitting in a beautiful home. And you are. It's the home we share while we work together to achieve your dream of a having a child.

Exam Room Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Exam Room Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

A place for you

The exam rooms form the canvas for your inner sanctum, where the mental and physical become one. Any concerns, worries or questions are dealt with immediately and thoroughly.