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How to Prepare for Egg Freezing

Jan 10, 2024
Although the egg retrieval process is quick, freezing your eggs takes time, consideration, and preparation. Preparing with your provider and on your own is essential to having a positive experience with this process. 

Egg freezing is an innovative option that has given many people more autonomy over their fertility journey. It’s a choice that gives you more control over when you get pregnant.  

At Gen 5 Fertility, we know having children is a major decision that benefits from planning. Egg freezing allows you to control several variables, but it requires a bit of preparation. 

Dr. Samuel Wood, Dr. Benito Villanueva, and Dr. Martin Bastuba — our highly skilled and knowledgeable providers — are here to take you through each step, including making arrangements, going through the process, and aftercare. 

Why you should prepare for egg freezing

Egg freezing is becoming a more and more popular method of family planning. Between 2010 and 2015, the United States saw an increase in egg freezing by 880%. But the procedure's popularity sometimes belies the attention, preparation, and consideration it takes. 

You have to take several steps before your eggs are ready for retrieval. Knowing what each step will be in advance ensures you’ll complete the procedure without any issues and have a positive experience. 

Preparing for egg freezing 

What you can do

One of the first things you can do is to cultivate a healthy routine for your day-to-day activities. This means getting regular exercise, eating right, and getting the proper amount of rest. Having a normal routine isn’t just good for your egg production but also for you.

In addition, go into the process with a positive mindset. Having realistic expectations and focusing on the positives will help you feel prepared and excited for the procedure. In fact, studies have shown that a favorable mindset about egg freezing is part of what supports patients through the process. 


You’ll also need to complete several steps to prepare for your procedure. First is the egg-freezing assessment. This determines if the procedure is right for you. The assessment starts with an ultrasound and blood tests to assess the health of your ovarian reserve. 

The next part of the process involves creating a personalized plan. We discuss your ovarian health, fertility goals, and other relevant factors. Then, we provide you with a treatment calendar based on your specific needs. 

The third step is the stimulation process. This involves using medications to stimulate egg production so we can retrieve as many healthy, mature eggs as possible. You visit us regularly during this time for ultrasounds and hormone tests to determine if the medications are doing their job to increase egg production. 

Once your body has reacted favorably to the preparation, you receive one final medication that helps the eggs mature. Shortly after that, you come in for your egg retrieval procedure.  

Preparation for post-procedure 

Most people don’t experience many issues after the procedure, although some soreness is normal. You should be ready to return to your daily activities the following day, but schedule some time for rest post-procedure.

Are you ready to begin your journey toward parenthood?

Freezing your eggs is a process, but the more prepared you are, the easier it will be. 

To start your journey now, visit us at our San Diego, California, office. Simply call or make an appointment online.