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Should You Consider IUI?

Jan 11, 2023
Have you considered IUI as an option to help you conceive a child? You should; this treatment can be highly effective at managing infertility and allowing single people and couples to create life.

Have you been struggling to conceive and wondering about the different fertility treatment options available? It may be time to consider intrauterine insemination or IUI

IUI (also called artificial insemination) can make it much easier to conceive a child with your partner or with the help of a sperm donor. It’s a beneficial first-line treatment for couples and single individuals looking to conceive. 

Here at Gen 5 Fertility, Dr. Samuel Wood, Dr. Benito Villanueva, Dr. Martin Bastuba, and our team want to enable you to become a parent with the most economical and least invasive treatment options. This is why we often recommend our patients consider IUI to those who are good candidates.  

How IUI works 

IUI involves several steps that make it much easier to conceive a child. If you’ve been struggling to conceive, IUI could be an excellent option. 

You start by taking medications to boost your fertility. We monitor your follicles to ensure you’re releasing mature eggs. During this time, we also collect sperm from your partner or a sperm donor. 

When the follicles release multiple mature eggs, we select the best sperm and place them inside your uterus using a catheter inserted into your cervix, then release the sperm so they can fertilize the eggs. 

Why choose IUI

While there’s no guarantee IUI will work on the first try, it’s often a good option for those starting the journey to conceive with medical help because the procedure is less expensive and invasive than IVF.

Sometimes, the fertility medications used in IUI enable couples to conceive more easily on their own. 

The best candidates for IUI

IUI isn’t for everyone. For example, IUI likely won’t provide effective results for those suffering from fallopian tube or severe male infertility issues. Female fertility issues that can be treated with IUI include:

  • Problems with the cervix or cervical mucus 
  • Low or infrequent ovulation 
  • Mild endometriosis 

IUI can also help with the following male infertility issues:

  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility
  • Abnormal sperm morphology
  • Ejaculation or erection problems 

IUI is also a great option for those who are experiencing trouble conceiving but have yet to determine a cause because the procedure doesn’t require a long-term commitment. 

Further, IUI isn’t only a treatment for infertility; it also helps single people and couples who want to conceive with the help of a sperm donor. 

Is IUI right for me? 

Your parenting journey is unique. To find out if IUI could help you create the family of your dreams, we’d love to meet you in our San Diego, California, office to discuss your needs. Simply make an appointment online, or call today.