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What a Semen Analysis Can Tell Us

Dec 13, 2022
Are you worried about male infertility? A semen analysis is a quick, noninvasive test that allows us to find issues with your seminal fluid or sperm that might be hindering you from conceiving a child.

There are more options than ever for those having trouble conceiving. And if you are dealing with these issues, it may be time to find out what — if anything — might be getting in the way. 

HSG determines potential issues with the uterus and fallopian tubes, while a semen analysis identifies problems with the semen and sperm. 

At Gen 5 Fertility, we offer caring, considerate diagnostics and treatment for several fertility issues. Our providers — Dr. Samuel Wood; Dr. Benito Villanueva; Dr. Martin Bastuba; Catharine Adams, PhD, ACLD(ABB); and Molly Chen-Chu, MS, MHA, TS(ABB) — are here to walk alongside you on this journey toward parenthood, no matter your situation. 

When to get a semen analysis 

According to Yale Medicine, male infertility is the cause of a couple’s inability to conceive more than 50% of the time. Several issues could increase a man’s risk of infertility, including age, smoking, alcohol, recreational drugs, certain medications, and radiation exposure. 

We advise our patients to try regular intercourse with their partner for at least a year before seeking infertility diagnostics. Even if one of these issues is present, there is a possibility you might be able to conceive easily. However, if you’ve been trying for more than a year with no luck, it’s time to find out why. 

What a semen analysis will tell you 

A semen analysis involves collecting a fresh sample of semen at our facility. You might need to provide more than one sample, as sperm counts can vary from day to day. After you have provided your sample, we analyze it. 

This analysis can help us catch several possible fertility issues that could affect your ability to conceive a child. These include problems with the seminal fluid and with the sperm itself. 

Semen-related issues  

Analysis of the seminal fluid could show several issues, some of which can quickly be rectified. These could include high pH levels, indicating an infection or lack of liquefaction. 

In some cases, more severe issues, such as blood in the semen or liver damage, can also be discovered through a semen analysis. Low pH caused by a blockage or low or high production of seminal fluid could also cause infertility and would show up in this analysis. 

Sperm-related issues 

The semen analysis involves testing your sperm for any problems. Low sperm count, low motility, and abnormal sperm shape may prevent conception. 

After the analysis

For some of these issues, medications or lifestyle changes could help. However, if you’re experiencing severe problems or more than one simultaneously, you and your partner have several options to help conceive. 

IUI or IVF can be helpful for couples struggling with natural conception. With these procedures, only the healthiest sperm are used to ensure a better chance of fertilization, or a sperm donor could be used. The most important thing is to first find out what — if any — problems could be affecting your ability to conceive if you’ve been trying without luck.  

Get a semen analysis today

Semen analyses are easy and noninvasive. With this test, you will discover the issues that may be making it more difficult for you and your partner to conceive, many of which can be treated or circumvented with different options. 

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