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What Is the Best Age to Freeze Your Eggs?

Sep 01, 2023
More and more people are turning to egg freezing to start their families. But when should you seek this option? And is there a best age to freeze your eggs?

Choosing to freeze your eggs is a big decision. Whether you’re planning to donate them or save them for a later date, egg freezing takes considerable thought and planning, not to mention time, effort, and money. That’s why it’s important to consider the best age to complete the procedure. 

At Gen 5 Fertility Center, we offer several fertility services, including diagnostic testing, IVF, and more. Freezing your eggs is a great way to ensure you can seek more fertility options in the future — or that you’ll be helping someone else do so. 

Dr. Samuel Wood, Dr. Benito Villanueva, and Dr. Martin Bastuba want to help you freeze your eggs at the best possible time for optimal outcomes. When you’re ready to start this journey, reach out to us about your best options.  

The process of freezing your eggs — and getting it right 

Choosing to freeze your eggs can be a difficult decision. While it may seem like a natural choice so you can plan your family accordingly down the road, it’s also a difficult procedure, and price can also be a factor. You’ll want to know all these elements before starting the process.

First, you’ll start with an assessment where we discuss your needs, choices, and whether egg freezing is right for you. You’ll also undergo a few diagnostic tests, including an ultrasound and a fertility assessment. Once you’ve decided to have your eggs frozen, you’ll start the stimulation process. 

The stimulation process involves taking medications that boost the quality and quantity of your egg production. When further testing reveals positive results, you’ll take a final medication to prepare for ovulation, and we remove your eggs. This process is short but slightly invasive, and though you might be a bit sore afterward, you’ll be able to return to normal activities quickly. 

As you can see, the egg-freezing process takes time, and you’ll want to ensure it has a strong chance for success. That’s why we do everything we can to get it right, up to and including planning for the optimal age for egg freezing. 

The best age for egg freezing 

Freezing your eggs while you’re young gives them the best chance of viability, but not every person thinks about freezing their eggs at 22. And especially since the procedure is expensive, many young women can’t freeze their eggs due to financial instability. 

So, now, you’re asking yourself: Is it too late to freeze my eggs? The answer is no; it’s not necessarily too late for you to make this decision simply because you’re getting older. 

While the best age for egg freezing is now (whatever your current age), a 2020 study found eggs harvested before age 35 have the highest likelihood of success. Another study states that 37-year-old women have the best success rates and the most cost-effective outcomes. 

Is egg freezing right for you?

The choice of when to start your family has never been more controllable. If you’re ready to freeze your eggs, please call our San Diego, California, office today or visit us online to make an appointment.